Professor P plays arrangements by Paul De Bra

Professor P has completed a (first) CD with arrangements by Paul De Bra. 15 composers contributed to the 17 tracks on the CD so it is a varied collection of different styles, to illustrate the many possibilities an accordion ensemble offers. All the tracks on this CD are of compositions that are in the public domain (in most of the world) and are available under the Creative Commons Attributions license. So they can be freely downloaded, played and redistriibuted (provided credit is given where due).
If you wish to own and play this CD you can use the following files: ISO file to burn the CD
label for the CD (for HERMA round 116 labels) (2 copies)
front for jewel case (can be printed double sided to get 2 copies)
back for jewelcase, with table of contents (2 copies)

The instrumentation of Professor P, as used on this CD consists of: 1) Bayan AKKO Super Deluxe, 2) Bugari 540/ARS/C, 3) Hohner Morino Artiste XS, 4) Pigini C39 Basson, 5) Accordina made by Marcel Dreux, and 6) some percussion including a djembé.

The CD contains the tracks listed below. The links here are to mp3 files (at high quality, but not exactly lossless compared to the real CD tracks). If you replace "mp3" by "wav" you can download uncompressed versions.
nr Title Composer Ensemble
1 Czardas Vittorio Monti 4 acc + bass
2 Bist Du bei Mir Johann Sebastian Bach 4 acc + bass
3 Rondo Concertante Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 4 acc + bass
4 Solvejgs Song (from Second Peer Gynt Suite Edvard Grieg 4 acc + bass
5 Ave Cello Paul De Bra (based on Bach and Gounod) 3 acc + bass + djembé
6 Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana Pietro Mascagni 4 acc + bass
7 Menuet and Badinerie from BWV 1067 Johann Sebastian Bach 3 acc + bass + accordina
8 Kanon (Canon) Johann Pachelbel 4 acc + bass
9 Rockalise (based on Vocalise) Paul De Bra (based on Rachmaninoff) 4 acc + bass + drums
10 Viola Concerto (4: presto) Georg Philipp Telemann 4 acc + bass
11 Notturno from the Second String Quartet Alexander Borodin 4 acc + bass
12 Concerto RV 522 (1: Allegro) Antonio Vivaldi 7 acc + bass
13 Adagio from BWV 564 Johann Sebastian Bach 4 acc + bass
14 Wedding Day in Troldhaugen Edvard Grieg 4 acc + bass
15 Symphony nr. 3 (3: Poco Allegretto) Johannes Brahms 4 acc + bass
16 Rondeau from the Abdelazer Suite Henry Purcell 4 acc + bass
17 España Cañí Pascual Marquina 4 acc + bass

To facilitate the creation of a physical CD I have copied the CD onto this image file.
Note that this CD contains only public domain compositions and the recordings are available under the Creative Commons Attribution license so it is allowed to play the CD in public. Nonetheless the CD is primarily intended to illustrate what the arrangements sound like, for when you want to learn to play them.