Professor P plays arrangements by Paul De Bra, vol. 5

Professor P has completed a CD with arrangements by Paul De Bra of compositions by no less than 11 different composers. It is ia collection of different styles.
Not all tracks on this CD are of compositions that are in the public domain. Some tracks are under copyright (in some countries and perhaps not in others) so the CD as a whole requires a license by Stemra (which it has)..

The CD contains the tracks listed below. The links here are to mp3 files (at high quality, but not exactly lossless compared to the real CD tracks) or are links to YouTube (for copyrighted compositions)..
If you wish to own and play this CD you can use the following files: ISO file to burn the CD
label for the CD (for HERMA round 116 labels) (2 copies)
front for jewel case (can be printed double-sided to get 2 copies)
back for jewelcase, with table of contents (2 copies)

The instrumentation of Professor P, as used on this CD consists of: 1) Bayan AKKO Super Deluxe, 2) Bugari 508/ARS/C, 3) Bugari 540/ARS/C, 4) Hohner Morino Artiste XS, 5) Pigini C39 Basson.

nr Title Composer Ensemble
1 Les Biches, mov. 4: Andantino Francis Poulenc 7 acc + bass + timpani
2 The Gadfly Suite: Romance Dmitri Shostakovich 4 acc + bass
3 Variations on Очи Чёрные (Schwarze Augen / Dark Eyes) Florian Hermann (uncertain) 4 acc + bass
4 Antiche Danze ed Arie, Suite III, nr. 1: Italiana Ottorino Respighi 4 acc + bass
5 Libertango Astor Piazzolla 6 acc + bass + drums
6 Happy Birthday Variations Peter Heidrich 4 acc + bass
7 Primavera Portena Astor Piazzolla 4 acc + bass
8 Waltz from Masquerade Aram Khachaturian 6 acc + bass
9 Milonga del Angel Astor Piazzolla 4 acc + bass
10 Waltz from the Snowstorm Suite Georgy Sviridov 4 acc + bass + drums
11 Antiche Danze ed Arie, Suite II, nr. 4: Bergamasca Ottorino Respighi 4 acc + bass + timpani
12 Ballet Giselle, Acr. 1, Valse Adolphe Adam 7 acc + bass + timpani + triangle
13 Liebesfreud Fritz Kreisler 4 acc + bass
14 Liebesleid Fritz Kreisler 4 acc + bass
15 Schön Rosmarin Fritz Kreisler 4 acc + bass
16 Adiós Nonino Astor Piazzolla 4 acc + bass

Note that because this CD contains copyrighted compositions it is licensed with Stemra under number 10657042. Please send me an email when you download and play this CD as a whole so I can keep count of the number of copies that are used (from this license).