Avanti, the currently active musicians

We sometimes have new members and some members leave. Some musicians also buy a new instrument. As a result the names and pictures are not always up to date. The pictures on this page are mostly taken at the concert in 2010.

He arranges most of the music for accordion orchestra and conducts when possible and plays when needed. Paul plays the pianoaccordion, button accordion (C-griff), bass accordion and accordina.
(depicted instrument Bugari Artist cassotto 505/ARS)
When Paul is absent Chris leads the ensemble.
(instrument Bugari 289/ARS/C5)
(instrument Bugari Artist cassotto 580/ARS/C)
Paul's wife.
Rina plays the pianoaccordion and button accordon (C-griff) and also the base accordion (depicted here with a Bugari Artist cassotto 508/ARS/C)
Our youngest player: Tim (son of Chris)
He the button accordion B-griff (depicted here with a Bugari Artist 504/ARS/C).
She plays the button accordion (B-griff) and the base (basson). (instrument Bugari basson)
Walter plays the drums
Our mascot!